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our mission

A Christian environment that will establish your preschooler’s lifelong habits for success spiritually, intellectually, developmentally, physically, socially, and emotionally.






How we will be cultivating your child(ren):


Each unit will include Bible stories, Bible thoughts, and suggestions for meaningful conversation.  Along with daily devotions and bible verses they will learn, children will have daily prayer and songs.



Toddler– These age groups will follow a Curriculum which is a religious, developmentally appropriate curriculum developed by educational specialists.  They will be exposed to letters, numbers, shapes, and colors in a non-threatening, fun way.

Ages 2-5– The preschool will offer the FUNdamental Curriculum.  This is a rigorous, developmentally appropriate, activity-based curriculum for children ages 3-5 that focuses on the FUNDAMENTAL skills children not only need to learn but are also excited to learn.  A child that follows this curriculum from ages three through five will, in most instances, be reading before kindergarten.



While younger preschoolers will only be aware of themselves and their own activity (solitary play), they will eventually move to parallel play, and finally move to group participation.  The plans for group time will consider the age of the preschoolers and their short attention spans.  We understand that preschoolers are active learners and must be involved in activities that do not force all of the children to do the same thing at the same time. Therefore, learning center activities will allow the children to learn through experience and exploration rather than by simply listening.



Because muscles are growing and developing, preschoolers need to be able to move about freely.  Learning activities will allow children to move about as they choose a center, work a puzzle, draw a picture, play in the home-living center, enjoy a book, or play outside.  There will also be a weekly organized Physical Fitness period where the children will be participating in developmentally appropriate games and activities to promote physical well-being along with songs to get the children moving to tunes that will engage their interest.



Children will learn how to relate to each other and converse through simple conversations about God, the world He made, and how to respect ourselves and each other.



Learning will be fun for the children because they will be allowed to move around, express their own creativity, and choose what interests them.  This will lead to them becoming successful as they enjoy learning and relate positively to each other and adults.




involving families

Fall Festival:

An afternoon for families to gather for a pumpkin carving contest, a mummy rolling Dad relay race, games with prizes and crafts. 


We participate in 2 fundraisers every year in order to provide extra special funded fun both during the academic year and during the picnic celebration.  One is held in the Fall Semester and one in the Spring Semester.  The more you get involved and get your family involved the more exciting events we can have for your children! This a fantastic way to bond as a family and meet new people while allowing our students to learn to earn.

Music Programs and Luncheons:

CHRISTMAS PAGEANT- The children will present a musical performance for their parents and grandparents as part of the St. Mark Children’s Christmas Program.  The program will be during the Sunday Morning Service the Sunday before Christmas and will conclude with coffee and cake.

MISSION SUNDAY- The children will present a musical performance as part of the St. Mark Mission Sunday.  The program will be during the Sunday Morning Service and will conclude with coffee and cake.  Bring the whole family to see what your kids can do!

MUFFINS with MOM/DONUTS with DAD- The children will present 2 musical performances just for you Mom & Dad! These programs will be at 10:30 in the morning on the Wednesdays prior to Mothers’ Day and Fathers’ Day and will conclude with coffee and cake.  Grandmas and grandpas, aunts and uncles are all welcome!

End of Year Picnic:

As a fun and special way to celebrate the end of their preschool year we will gather outside for a fun-filled day of inflatable’s and outdoor games. 

Field Day:

Each spring the children will gather on the lawn for a fabulous day of games, events, contests, and popsicles.




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