St. Mark’s has been a wonderful experience for my children.  I have sent three, and all of them have grown so much and flourished in their time there!  They’ve received the perfect amount of love, care, discipline, and education, but more important than that, they have loved every minute and had so much fun.   I never had any doubts that my kids would be ready for kindergarten emotionally, socially, and academically.  Whenever they needed one on one time or care, they always got it.  They have flourished at St. Mark’s, and I would recommend it to everyone. ~Maggie G. 2014


I absolutely LOVE St Marks Preschool!! The teachers are AWESOME!! My daughter loves all the fun activities they do during her time there. She brings home the cutest arts and crafts projects! They learn something new everyday! Her writing skills have come so far this year, as well as her socialization skills! I’m excited for one more year there!! I’m confident that when she leaves St Marks for kindergarten, she will be ready for the challenge 🙂 ~ Michelle H. 2014


My son has thoroughly enjoyed his year at St. Mark’s preschool and I have seen much growth in him.  He is learning how to write, sound out words and count.  The teachers have total control over each student in their classes and run a happy, energetic, disciplined preschool.  I especially appreciate knowing that they are learning prayers and bible stories and teachings.  I will definitely be sending my son back next year.~ Kristin B. 2014


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