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Enrollment Application Reg Rates 2017-2018


What is WRAP Care?

Here at St. Mark’s, WRAP care is not daycare. Depending on the hours you need it may include a second class. This provides your child the opportunity to dig deeper into what we already have a BLAST learning! Those students who enroll for two sessions gain not only a wealth of knowledge but also a mastery of school skills. We dive into STEM activities and Geography as extra fun learning experiences. Maybe we build a balloon rocket that afternoon. Or perhaps we’ll get our passports out and travel around the globe to learn about another culture. There is plenty of playtime to discover new things and it’s always fun! You’ll be amazed at your child’s growth.  If you have any questions or need additional hours of WRAP Care, please contact Miss Courtney at the preschool phone, 334-4130, or by email at preschool@saintmarkslutheran.org 

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