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Miss Kelly- Director/ 4 Year Old Teacher
 Miss Kelly loves children, teaching, animals, and traveling.  Born in Rochester, she grew up in the Rush Henrietta School District.  She graduated in 1997 and went on to Monroe Community College to begin her degree in Liberal Arts.  After that she furthered her education and completed her degree in Education with a minor in Fine Arts at Robers Wesleyan College.  Unfortunately the job market was at a stalemate so she worked for Lifetime Assistance for eight years and Pralid Epilepsy Foundation for three years. She also worked for the Rush Henrietta School district as a Para Educator with two autistic children. She then worked at the Unitarian Church as a Lead Teacher for four year olds. Kelly’s call to teach never quieted, so after soul searching she took a chance and moved to Greeenville, North Carolina.  There she worked at Memorial Baptist Church as a teacher’s aide for four year olds and absolutely loved it! With a heavy heart she moved back to Rochester to be near to family, and God guided her to St. Mark’s. We are blessed to have her because she is a phenomenal educator, and the children just adore her!
Miss Cabria-  Lead Teacher, 2 Year Old Class

Miss Cabra is a wonderful teacher! She joined the St. Mark’s team during the 2016-2017 academic year.  She is also currently enrolled at MCC to earn her education degree.  Miss Cabria loves teaching and loves children, and this passion exhibits itself in her enthusiasm.  As the oldest of 6 children, two of whom have special needs, she is a natural leader and caregiver possessing invaluable insight and experience.  Over the years she has learned the following wisdom: 1) just because someone says it does not make it true, 2) disabled does not mean incapable.  Miss Cabria exercises great patience, flexibility, and understanding in the classroom daily. 

Out of the classroom, Miss Cabria is supermom to fabulous children.  Her son, Canon, is in her age 2 class, and her daughter, Ruby, is in the first grade. In her spare time, Cabria likes to enjoy her family, shop, and try new recipes in the kitchen.  Miss Cabria aims to make a positive, powerful impact on these little people of the future.       

011Miss Sara- Assistant Teacher

Miss Sara became a teaching assistant at St. Mark’s Preschool in the fall of 2013.  As a long-time resident of West Henrietta, she is very involved in the community and with her family which consists of her husband, Art, and three children- 13, 12, and 10 years old.  Ms Sara received her degree in Business Administration from the University of Buffalo but has spent the last 10 years as a stay at home mom.  Her oldest son has Autism Spectrum Disorder so Miss Sara has a lot of experience working with children that learn differently from most.  Her hobbies include scrapbooking and any crafts (she’s great at them all!!!).

img017Miss Mindy- Substitute

Miss Mindy joined St. Mark’s Preschool as a teacher in the Fall of 2013.  As a graduate of Nazareth College, she received a teaching certificate for N-6th grade with an emphasis on Preschool.  Part of her course work included a student teaching placement at the Rochester Museum and Science Center Preschool program.  Post-College Mindy became a Nanny and had several different positions before getting married and focusing on her own family.  She then returned to the world of young children with a teaching position at a local daycare before joining St. Mark’s as an administrative assistant and Preschool substitute- helping in any way needed. The children love Miss Mindy!



Founded in 1969 by Mrs. Dorothy Snyder and Mrs. Nancy Bauchle, St. Mark’s Preschool can proudly say that we have brought a positive impact to the Henrietta community through the Christian education that we have offered our students.  The years have brought many changes to our programs offered, in the beginning there was just four year old classes offered, then we added 3 year old classes, and later a 2 year old playgroup.  When enrollment went down at times over the next 44 years, the three and for year old classes were combined as needed and then when enrollment went back up the classes were again separated.  In 1993, Mr. Allen Bauchle joined the preschool as Mrs. Bouchle’s assistant- they worked the preschool together until their retirement in June 2010.  The church and community were sad to see them go and threw them a huge retirement party.  That fall, Ms. Kristen Wahl became the director and lead teacher until Cate Marks was hired on in the fall of 2011.   Miss Cate served through the spring of 2015 when she received an opportunity to be closer to her family in the Washington D.C. area.  Now Miss Courtney is excited to serve this community and cannot wait to see where God will take it.  Through all the changes and growth, the amazing teachers have showered the preschool children and their families with faith and love.  Many students we serve are second, third, and fourth generation students!

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